Ethiopia Bishari Washed

Tastes Like : Earl Grey tea, blackberry, citrus

Origin : Ethiopia

Region : Yirgacheffe

Varietal : Kurume

Altitude : 1780 - 2300m

Process : Washed

Welcomedose_Jabanto sorting 2.png

Jabanto business group was established in 2018 comprising of 29 smallholder coffee farmers from the Gedeo zone. The size of the group has expanded over the years and as of today there 87 registered smallholder coffee farmers in the group.

The group tries to produce different coffee types: regional lots, village level lots, single farmer lots, variety lots and processing lots.


One of these variety lots is the Bishari lot. Bishari is a name of a small village in the southwestern part of Ethiopia from which breeder (starting) seeds were collected for the first time for those coffee berry disease resistant varieties developed by breeders in Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC).


Bishari varieties are unique and known for their smaller coffee leaves, smaller coffee cherries and beans, short canopy, compact and persistent calyx. Bishari varieties are reclassified and known as Kurume and Kudhume among coffee coffee farmers in Guji and Yirgacheffe coffee communities.


During this crop season, Jabanto produced different coffee processing lots from the Kurume variety.


This fully washed coffee from the 20/21 Bishari lot has notes of Earl Grey tea, blackberry and citrus