Vista al Valle (‘View of the valley’) is a micro mill owned and operated by Oldermar Arrieta Lobo, Marlene Brenas Morera and their three sons. They established the mill in 2012 after learning the operation and management in their neighbour’s mill many years prior. It now services their three farms; Zapote, Fidel and La Casa, aptly named as it surrounds their family home!


The mill itself is no stranger to success, having processed multiple Cup Of Excellence (COE) winning lots from the three family farms. Most remarkably Finca Fidel finished in first place in the Cup of Excellence 2013, in only it’s second year in operation. As for Las Casas, it has achieved a 7th and 10th place in COE, a remarkable achievement.

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Costa Rica Las Casas

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  • Tastes Like : Jasmine florals, Earl Grey tea, stone fruit

    Origin : Costa Rica

    Region : Alajuela

    Varietal : Geisha

    Altitude : 1500 - 1600m

    Process : Pulped Natural