The Story


Jabanto business group was established in 2018 comprising of 29 smallholder coffee farmers from the Gedeo zone. The size of the group has expanded over the years and as of today there 87 registered smallholder coffee farmers in the group.

The group tries to produce different coffee types: regional lots, village level lots, single farmer lots, variety lots and processing lots.

Last year we brought you coffee from Birre's son, Tarkegn Gutu. This single-farmer lot is from the family's farms around the village of Tulise, Yirgacheffe and is a beautiful representation of the family's development of coffee varietals and dedication to producing and processing quality coffee.

Ethiopia Gutu Birre

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  • Tastes Like : Strawberry jam, milk chocolate, tropical fruit

    Origin : Ethiopia

    Region : Yirgacheffe, Tulise

    Varietal : Kurume, 74110 and 74112

    Altitude : 2000 - 2100m

    Process : Natural Grade 1