Kainamui is situated in Ngariama location, Gichugu division of Kirinyaga County. It was established in 1963, on the flowing slopes of Mount Kenya. The Kainamui factory has 2000 members, 1200 of whom are men and 800 of whom are women. These producers are very small, owning the average of only 200 trees.

With ideal conditions for coffee growing, farmers benefit from the mineral-rich, red volcanic loam soils and an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level. A combination of 1800mm of annual rainfall and a temperature of 16-26°C is exactly what has seen voluminous coffee proportions delivered to the factory during peak season.


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Kenya Kainamui

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  • Tastes Like : Red grape, currant, citrus

    Origin : Kenya

    Region : Kirinyaga

    Varietal : Ruiru 11,SL 28, Batian

    Altitude : 1650m

    Process : Fully Washed