Single serve drip bags are an easy way to brew great coffee! Simply tear open the bag, sit the bag on a cup, and pour in hot water!


We've got four beautiful coffees available in this format, our original Bulletin Blend, Ethiopia Aleme Wako, Kenya Kainamui and Brazil Santana


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Recommended serve 

  1. Use a cup that is shallow/thin enough so that the bag is partly immersed while brewing
  2. Use 200ml of water at 94 degrees (or water just off the boil). If you dont have scales, this is approximately 1 full fill, then let the water drain and repeat for 2 more fills. The 2nd and 3rd fill will be shorter than the first
  3. Steep the bag for 4 minutes with as much of the bag and coffee immersed as possible

Single serve Drip Bags

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