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Welcome Dose is a boutique coffee roaster located in the heart of Rosebery, New South Wales. Our coffee is roasted in small batches, on-site site on our reconditioned 1956 Probat UG15 roaster, the centre piece of our cafe.


It's one of the only cafes in Sydney where you can sit, enjoy a coffee and watch the coffee roaster in operation.


We believe we roast some of the best coffee in Sydney and we meticulously brew for our customers to enjoy in the cafe. Our passion for the cup doesn’t stop there, we do our best to help our customers brew beautiful coffee at home.

Welcome Dose coffee roasting.jpeg

Our aim is to consistently roast beautiful coffee for our customers and we are constantly on the search for interesting, flavourful coffee. Our coffee is carefully selected with the end-cup in mind, roasted in small batches then tested and tasted before it gets to the retail shelves or the bar. Our bean-to-cup philosophy means that we provide can provide transparency of the process from green bean sourcing right through to brewing the final product. 

Being a seasonal product, you’ll see a range of single origin coffees on offer throughout the year, each with their own story and characteristics and always roasted and tested with care to bring out the best in the coffee. 

Our blends are roasted and constructed with one thing in mind - consistency of flavour. We manage seasonal nuances and roasting profiles to ensure our blends have the same flavour characteristics and taste profile, all the time.

Our love for coffee drives us to constantly improve and develop our coffee offering to make it easy to brew an awesome tasting coffee, whether it’s on the bar in our cafe, in one of our customer’s cafes, or in your home.


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